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Orange Shadow

step into your
most authentic, powerful self

and discover how much better life can be

"The more that people on this earth step into their unique soul's path, after feeling lost, the more this world is whole."

- emi


I support my clients (who sometimes become friends) to discover how to live as their highest expression using their Human Design. I coach clients through their journey of expansive evolution.

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Get Your Free Human Design Chart

Make sure your birth time is accurate and pull up your own free chart! I've added a few bits of information for you there to start with!

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Readings & Coaching

Receive a live one on one reading from emi over Zoom. Explore your Human Design bodygraph and see what your natural gifts are and your specific strategies to live in alignment. You will receive the recording (audio and video) and a PDF report from the reading. This is the best option if you want a holistic synthesis of your design and how the moving parts may interact with one another.

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Personal Guidebook

Receive a 40+ paged PDF personalised guidebook outlining the key areas of your design. This is a great option as an entry into Human Design. It's also great as a gift to your friends, family, and coworkers! This is also a lower cost option compared to a live reading.

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Learn on Your Own

If you'd rather learn on your own, you can read my blog or purchase recorded video lessons so you can put the puzzle pieces together to better understand key aspects of your design. This is free to access!


expansive evolution is a space for us all to expand and evolve! It sparks a new life trajectory and a change in perspective of who you are and how you show up in life so that you can heal, grow, and live out the truest, most fulfilled version of you yet. Shifting from feeling confused, ashamed, having low self-esteem, and experiencing friction and resistance throughout various areas of your life.

This inner work you engage in changes the world, because as you change, so does everybody else who interacts with you, including your family, communities, organizations and our systems at large.

Here, you will discover how you've been gifted with the most incredible, unique talents at birth.

You will learn how to harness and wield these gifts to remain in the highest and most authentic expression of who you were destined to be in this lifetime.

We explore, unlearn, discover and imagine new potential realities for our personal and collective futures.


We step into expansive visions and build more safe, just, and thriving worlds. I'm so happy you're here.

client appreciation

Thank you so much Emi 🤍
Exactly what I needed to hear. I can't wait to schedule another session in the future, you are one of my favorite readers by far and have made me feel so expanded and limitless and like my gifts are just waiting to be unlocked. Thank you again for your level of attention and care in finding out this answer for me. 😇

- Yvette (4/6 Emotional Manifestor)

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