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About emi

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emi hosotsuji

Founder & Human Design Advisor

Emi is a feminist, a woman of colour, a child of Japanese immigrants. She has an intimate relationship with physical and emotional trauma and has undergone over 10 yrs of healing using spiritual modalities and psychotherapy.


She has an HBA in Cultural Anthropology, minor in Philosophy. She has over 10 years of work experience in innovation and systems change within a variety of approaches and hats such as community organizing, social justice consulting and advocacy, youth mentorship, innovation practices, and meaningful group facilitation.


She uses approaches such as strategic foresight, design thinking, living systems methodologies, systems thinking, Art of Hosting and Deep Democracy. Her career has taken her to grassroots, non-profit and government sectors. She was also a competitive tennis player for over 20 years.

Healing, change and transformation on personal and systems levels are her passions.


She brings a compassionate, trauma-informed presence along with spiritual and practical advice for her clients to apply. Her insights encourage greater flow, ease, abundance and alignment into her clients lives and that of their families, work teams and their communities. Emi began studying Human Design in 2020 and it made her feel seen and understood in ways she never expected anything or anyone ever could.


She has studied Human Design under Holly Maree and have certified in 'Manifestor Mastery Certification', Jes Field's 'Foundations in Human Design', Katie Irvine at the 'HD School', Ruth Brennan at the IHDS 'Living Your Design' course.

emi's design!

I am a 2/5 Splenic Manifestor with the RAX of Penetration 2 with Gate of Beginnings as my Personality Sun!

I am designed to initiate, catalyze and prompt new processes, cycles, action, change and movements. I do it with powerful gusto and ambition. I believe life is full of opportunities to evolve, improve and grow, hence my brand name 'expansive evolution'! I jolt people into new ways of thinking and use my intuitive clarity and guidance.

My channels are 11-56 Curiosity, 18-58 Judgement, 20-57 Brain Wave, 26-44 Surrender, 04-63 Logic.

I have an Innocence motivation, Active Brain Consecutive Determination, Observer Caves environment, Smell cognition, Possibility view, Focused Perspective, Strategic awareness.

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