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To add to what I shared above: I've been on a 12 year long healing journey. I am a survivor of abuse and neglect, was diagnosed with PTSD in 2015, so I consider myself trauma-informed. I've read books on trauma and have gone through intense psychotherapy for healing for years. I also have an undefined Solar Plexus, so I'm highly emotionally sensitive and will always welcome you to let your emotions out and to stop suppressing them! Tears are always welcome in my sessions.

To learn more about me and my background you can listen to my podcast or

read about me here.

Initial Human Design Reading 


You will learn the introductory and foundational aspects of your unique design, key strategies to start using in your daily life, your natural gifts and unique role in humanity. I will cover your Type, Strategy, Authority and Profile.


To learn about your Centres, Channels, Definition, Circuitry, Incarnation Cross, Unconscious and Conscious definition, Planet activations, etc. I invite you to my coaching call packages below.


Go Deeper into Your Alignment

I offer 3, 5 and 12-call packages to support my clients in the practical application of using their Human Design in their daily lives - to live in alignment with their unique designs.

Human Design is not a system that brings overnight success or changes. It usually takes or even a year or two to really understand, implement and start seeing changes in your life, just as any healing or deep transformative process does. But some people experience changes within a few weeks of living by their design. There is a theory that it takes about 7 years of working to integrate your Human Design into your life to "fully" decondition, find your ultimate flow state and your true soul's path.


I support my clients to work through shifting beliefs, re-framing how they see themselves and being a cheerleader, motivator and accountability partner to actually live by their design to the best of their abilities. Facing fears, limiting beliefs, shadow behaviours and conditioning can be tough things that require time and repetition to work through. I can serve as a support for your journey.

We can dive into your Centres, Channels, Definition, Circuitry, Incarnation Cross, Unconscious and Conscious definition, 13 Planet Activations, Variables and composite/pair charts with your loved ones. In receiving coaching with me, you are eligible for a manifestation reading (how you can leverage your unique design to manifest), couple/family readings and a shadow/core wound healing reading.

(If you are returning to me after having coaching with me and you'd simply like one call to discuss something specific, feel free to email me.)

Team consulting


Corporate Team Workshops

I offer workshops to discuss your team's special gifts and the dynamics amongst your team. I have worked in the non-profit, private and public sectors, and I am happy to offer workshops to organizations in any sector. This maybe a great opportunity to include in a company retreat, a team building exercise for startups, getting to know new staff members, or in preparation for strategic planning.


This is great for work teams of 3-8 people.


Each person will receive a report that outlines their natural talents and skills in their high expression and low expressions. 

We will also include:
- a discussion about aligned decision making for each person
- communication style preferences
- bringing awareness to the various energies at play when brainstorming is a team
- ideal energetic preferences with regards to working alone or with others
- ideal roles for each person (this does not mean looking at specific titles or positions in your team, rather looking at the nuanced role that each team member takes within your team.)

- ideal physical set-ups for your offices for each person


Facilitation Consulting

I am an experienced group facilitator for events of various types, such as community healing, strategy & vision focused meetings, panel discussions at conferences, and post-project debriefs. Specifically, I am trained and experienced in sessions where participants are discussing things with one another, for the purpose of learning, self-reflection, visioning, planning, networking, or problem solving.

If you are hosting a wellness retreat, or any other type of gathering whether in-person or virtual, I am willing to offer my expertise to advise you:

  1. on the best ways to use your Human Design as an organizer and host,

  2. help you design team roles, agenda, activities so that you can be the best host and facilitator you can be, without burning out, or feeling like there was more that you could offer to your participants by the end of it.

I can either serve as an advisor prior to your event, or if you would like me to advise as well as facilitate at your event I'm happy to as well.

If you have specific questions about my services and your needs, you may book a free consultation call with me.

Free Consultation call


A free 40 minute call so you can ask me questions, share your situation with me, and find out if I could support you or help you and how exactly I'd do that.

I look forward to meeting you and sharing this incredible system with you so you can live your most expansive life.
- Emi

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