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Get Your Free Human Design Chart

A Practical System of Guidance

Very exciting! You get to start your journey by pulling your own chart. This is going to reveal how you are uniquely designed! The more accurate your birth time, the more accurate your chart will be.


Are you new to Human Design?

Human Design will show you what is for you, and what isn't for you. It will show you what to focus on to remove the distractions from life.


The results may seem totally confusing or just new to you, but rest assured, I've got answers for you.

I've provided some free content for you when you pull up your chart below.

You can save multiple people's charts here and come back to them. You can also download the free PDF for each chart too!

FAQs for pulling a chart

1. If your birth town or city isn't showing up when you type it in, try the nearest major town or city that's in the same time zone. 2. If you're unsure of your birth time, there's a few ways you can approach this: a. Ask your parents, or find your birth certificate. If that doesn't work, you can go to your birth city's registry to order a new birth certificate that might have the time on it or call the hospital you were born at. b. Use this Astrology birth time rectification tool to see if you can answer questions that will help narrow down your birth time. c. Try entering various times in the chart generator and see if there are any differences. If not, then you can go with any of them. The 4 arrows beside the head may vary from minute to minute but the rest of the chart is a lot to find out even if you find variance in the arrows. If you need help with this, contact me. d. Use an intuitive and spiritual method of using a pendulum. Write down the time frame you believe you were born within, take a breath, tune in, and allow the pendulum to swing towards the time on the page.


If you'd like additional support understanding your design or learning how to practically apply it in your daily life:
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